Laughter is my best disguise.

I love Irene Angela Chang, for making me this tumblr. She is the bestestestestest person in the world.
Cynthia Oo
RHS. 626.
Burmese and Chinese.

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I know I’m annoying, I know you don’t need me giving you shit for the things you do but you make yourself so untrustworthy. I’d love to have faith in you but you give me every reason not to, so when I “act up,” it’s perfectly reasonable considering the shit you pull that caused me to be this way.

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It’s almost been a year since we stopped speaking but I would still drop everything and everyone for a second chance with you. In a way, I am past it but when I remember the way you treated me I can’t help but smile. I miss you. It was my fault, you were wrong when you said it seemed like I wasn’t even trying or interested. You were the only guy that’s had this affect on me and you have no idea.

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If I knew this was how I was going to feel after you walked out of my life, I would have tried to make you stay.. I would have done things differently while we were together. I’d give anything for another chance. 

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i don’t understand how my room gets so messy when i literally sit in one spot with my laptop all day

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I walked away first.. but that doesn’t mean I forgot about you. I still wonder what could have been if I had done things differently. If you had done things differently..

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I’m scared of running into you on the street one day. Not because it’s awkward, not because its been so long, not because I wouldn’t know what to say or do.. Just because I’m afraid you’ll be happy with somebody that isn’t me.

Is that so bad.

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How do you stay with the person you’re with, knowing that there was somebody in the past that made you happier..
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